Saturday, October 8, 2011

Squeezed from the World Marble Game

     The United States is losing it's power. Is she the laughing stock of the world? 
     Slowly, the U.S. is isolating itself. It has pulled itself from the Middle East, Israel in particular.
     The feeling I get, and feel, is, America seems to be putting her arms around herself.  Yes, we still give money to Egypt. A large bribe to befriend Israel, not to break the peace treaty with the country, as well as so many other countries.
     The Saudis are building their own coalition against Iran.
     Even the Palestinian Authority is striking out on it's own.
     Every man for himself.
     Why isn't the U.S. taking the threat of Iranian nukes seriously?  Iran wants nothing to do with the United States, and right now, this seems okay in Washington.
     Well, I don't think it's OKAY!!
     Iran doesn't care to talk since they want to drive the U.S. from the region.
     America is being squeezed out of the great marble game in the world.  She seems to be the odd lady out.
     This does not bode well for the U.S.
 She looks like one of the pussies of the world.  She was so powerful, at one point, everyone did what she said, and quaked at her granduer and power.  Falling apart, peices are flying away.  It is sad, very sad.  But then,, the world power players are changing, and now at this time, it seems to be happening fast. Very fast.  Weep for her, I do. And wonder with baited breath, what will happen next. What now will be her destiny...the rock, turned to gel, and is now turning to liquid, reminds me of the glaciers.. they were soaring eagles at one time, now they bleed their water into the sea.

thank you for reading