Saturday, October 8, 2011

Squeezed from the World Marble Game

     The United States is losing it's power. Is she the laughing stock of the world? 
     Slowly, the U.S. is isolating itself. It has pulled itself from the Middle East, Israel in particular.
     The feeling I get, and feel, is, America seems to be putting her arms around herself.  Yes, we still give money to Egypt. A large bribe to befriend Israel, not to break the peace treaty with the country, as well as so many other countries.
     The Saudis are building their own coalition against Iran.
     Even the Palestinian Authority is striking out on it's own.
     Every man for himself.
     Why isn't the U.S. taking the threat of Iranian nukes seriously?  Iran wants nothing to do with the United States, and right now, this seems okay in Washington.
     Well, I don't think it's OKAY!!
     Iran doesn't care to talk since they want to drive the U.S. from the region.
     America is being squeezed out of the great marble game in the world.  She seems to be the odd lady out.
     This does not bode well for the U.S.
 She looks like one of the pussies of the world.  She was so powerful, at one point, everyone did what she said, and quaked at her granduer and power.  Falling apart, peices are flying away.  It is sad, very sad.  But then,, the world power players are changing, and now at this time, it seems to be happening fast. Very fast.  Weep for her, I do. And wonder with baited breath, what will happen next. What now will be her destiny...the rock, turned to gel, and is now turning to liquid, reminds me of the glaciers.. they were soaring eagles at one time, now they bleed their water into the sea.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teaparty...Brrrr Cold in Here.

     Why in the world is everyone so afraid of the Teaparty people?  This is what i call them. It is if a ship has landed from another planet, and out popped the 'teaparty people', and now everyone is afraid, nervous, panicky ,upset, and the worst, seems to be, paralized with fear. Fear, and walking on eggshells. No one wants to get any of these people upset, for who knows what in the world they will do?...  Are these five year olds who will have a tantrum if we say no?, Are they crazy parinoid schizophrenics, that ,also, if we get them upset, no one knows what they will do.
     What can they do?  Well, to fear them is probably a good thing. To be paralized with so much fear that, little children can not be exposed to a wonderful and optimistic speech about school by the president of the United States....  yes, their president.. well that is going to far.
     I get the feeling of a grey storm decending... and it feels like a chilly 1930's degrees 'round parts of America.
     The teachers were frightened by the postings of the tea parties statement that the presidents speech, last year, had something which had them in a dither....   what was it????  I dont think anyone knows, it was just   DAH du.. The dreaded 'something'  So teachers get your act together and dont allow the children to see this black man (who does he think he is to be the president of America, the audacity........ Although he did get 98 percent, again, 98% of the vote, which sort of pushed him to be the president of these here United States...  you know the guy who,  well, he wasnt born here,  and ,uh, yeah thats right, hes a muslim and prays 12 times a day...  its out there someone saw this....)       Yes there was something controversial in the speech, okay,  what the heck is it??  No one is talking. 
     Anyway the children were given opt out notices to bring home to their parents so they could opt out of the presidents speech 'in case', there was something controversial in this one too.  But this one turned out to be a beautiful speech, optimistic, uplifting, speaking to kids about how important school is.  How important it was to learn...     LEARN, ah HA!!!!! there it is. That word, learn... bad.  it is bad to learn, and find out the truth. Science is bad, Math is bad, Research is bad.... and apparantly listening to the president speek to the country about knowledge, well, that is the worst.  They dont want their children to gear up to learn. No knowledge here, lets throw out the physics classes, all science, and math, gone... fill it with

creationism    101  5,000 credits
Evangelicism  201   7000 credits
Televangelism  320  10,000 credits
How to speak on behalf of God  403   50,000 credits...  graduate and you win?

This reminds me of the way communities began to be frightened of a little party, who , also made a big hub bub when people went on and did what they liked instead of what the party liked.  They were called,  what was it.... the brown shirts, the deaths head....  AHHHHH yes, it was the nazi party..  no one ever wanted to get their knickers in an uproar.....   no one had to, they had already picked their demon....
     So has the tea party. It seems to be America.  

I hope and pray Americans do not become parilized to the point of robotic actions at the voting stations....  more than that, i pray, everyone will be able to vote...  what year is this...  is it 1960 yet?..  yeah, we have to put a photo of ourselves now and pay for the right to vote.....   wait.   I..I thought it was going to be 2012...  like a time machine...    that is what is going on.  it is as if we are in a nightmare and can not wake up...   but this is real..    Dont turn into a robot...  THINK.. think for yourself, if you still can,   dont let 'these people', turn this country into something that is now coming to you from the wild west.... horses and buggies, shoot outs in the streets, home schooling, and Christian get togethers....    no science please, and dont bother us with the truth, we know the truth...  WE MADE IT UP.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When Pogroms End, there will be Peace. But When Will They Ever End ?

     The custom in Arab countries, most of which surround Israel and spin out as a mini solar system, is, to say, "Zionism is responsible for all of the hatred, the wars,the grief. But this region's anti-semitism would have developed without the Israeli state being close by. Arab and Islamic nationalism took care of that by watering,feeding,nurturing, xenophobia.
    Each time an Arab country broke free of their own binding chains,giving them control over their own destiny,they set up a pogrom,lying in wait for unsuspecting Jews, who had fought and died equally with their Arab brothers,just as they had with their  countrymen for the country they loved as well,Germany, in the Great War... WW1.  Now their Arab countrymen were kicked out of their society like so much garbage.
     The great Arab states, egypt,syria,lybia,Morocco and Jordan, refuse to integrate (Palestinians) into their own lands, this way the hopes of keeping seething pots of hatred and conflict alive between the palestinians, who are basically arabs from those very lands,and the Israelis,   or why not lets just call a spade a spade, between Palestinians and Jews.
     Jews, when forced from their own lands, which were Arab at this point, went to Israel and France, becoming citizens of their chosen countries. Palestinians were ostracized from even their Arab nationality.  Pitifull way to treat ones own.
     These following facts ,as well as many others have been OBSCURED and serves in the Campaign to DELIGITIMIZE Israel.
     SO.  I now will put ALL of the ingredients togeter to show those of you out there, how terribly hard this 'stew' is to make, and how easily it can be taken fom the stove and spilled on the ground.  Forever gone.

Keep an eye out for dates and countries. I made the mistake of not watching for countries.  I assumed, never a good thing to do, the early dates, were in nazi germany.  The latest dates were truly shocking.
      So it wasn't always the big bad wolf starting trouble in the neighborhood....
                      When Jews had Communities in these Arab countries.:

1929-Egypt- discrimination of Jews in public service

1932-Iraq- Jewish history and Hebraic language instruction was prohibited.      
Jewish schools were censored.

1945-48-Egypt Jews were excluded from public life.---Schools were to be Egyptianized and have an Arabized curricula.
---Community organizations were forced to submit member lists to the Egyptian state.
                          SOUND FAMILIAR YET ?

1947-Syria- Jews were no longer able to purchase real estate.

1950-Morocco- Arabization of public services begins.

1950-51-53-56-58- Egypt-Nationality laws are passed.  Egyptian Jews became stateless in their own country. 40,000 people (Jews) foriegners in their own home.

1958-Egypt- The list of laws against the Jews lives on  and on. They are always,quickly eliminated from the social communities. It isnt as if no will remember they were there.  No one wanted Jews in their midst.  
Rules then were passed, no postal communication, and difficulty in getting a passport, essentially turned all Jews in Egypt into de facto prisoners.

     My question.....Why keep the Jews, they would have been happy to leave?

                    Suddenly now, in Egypt, all Jews were suspected of Dual Loyalty----Then- All Jews were zionists!! There was legal descrimination, and Arabic became the sole language.  
                                     End of Part One

Wait until you read about the childrens school text books.....It's a real killer!!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who betrayed Who?

     Did Judas really betray Jesus? Let's look at this from the 'what the Jews expected from a,and were looking for in, a messiah,' point of view. In this way those who know nothing of Jewish lore, or know nothing of what it is to be persecuted from the time one is born, can gain some insight into a way of thinking which counts first on security of ones own.
     A job description for the Jewish messiah might read something like this:
     'Wanted, one who can speak in a manner as to draw large crowds to listen to stories of great leadership in combat. A warrior, military man (A MUST), who can help and lead our people to victory over our persecutors and oppressors.'
     In this light, I will look into the matter of the new testament claim of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.
     In the time of Jesus there were a miriad of religious and political factions; Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes(John the Baptist was one),and Zealots. The Essenes were thought to be the source of 'the dead sea scrolls.'  Of all  these groups, the Zealots were one of two, who wanted to get the kingdom of Israel back by riding themselves of the Romans.  Romans were occupiers of Israel in Jesus day. They had taken Israel in the year 63 BC. By the time Jesus began preaching, Romans had occupied Israel for 100 years.  After Jesus death Jews killed about three thousand Roman soldiers and did re establish the Kingdom of Israel for about five years. But ,while jesus preached, Zealots knew this; Israel had been occupied for 100 years, and they were fed up with their persecutors.
     A small group within the Zealots, the Sicarii(from the latin meaning 'daggermen') carried knives and assassinated Romans or Jews,who were traitors,meaning they had accepted the Romans, and had in essence become roman, and were against the Jews.
     It is very possible Judas,whose name was Iscariot, may very well have been a Sicarii. The similarity, and use of the same letters, sets up an interesting course of events. Since the bible was translated, who knows how many times into many lanquages, one being latin, lets take the story of Judas from the view of his being a Scarii.
     If he was a Scarii, he would have been an extreme fanatic on the subject of getting rid of Romans, and would have been searching for a Military leader to lead Jews into battle against the Romans. He hears about jesus, and goes to meet with him.  He finds a man who attracts huge crowds wherever he speaks. Judas realizes, here is a man who is a natural leader,as many followed him to his speaking places. Judas sees in Jesus an excellent leader for the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Exactly the man Jews had been looking for, a messiah. Messiah is another word for Leader.
     Judas joins those who have been following jesus.  And Jesus picks Judas to be a main leader, an apostle. Judas is convinced, this man jesus is the military leader he had been looking for.
     He follows Jesus, seeing that he not only heals the sick, but can bring a dead man back to life! What an incredible gift for a military leader to have. Jesus continued his preaching, and his teaching. Judas, after following for 3 years, becomes tired of waiting for their rebellion to begin.
     Judas now believes he must push Jesus between a rock and a hard place, hoping he would come out swinging. He does not, and Judas seeks out the Jewish leaders telling them he knows where Jesus prays away from prying eyes. Judas leads them to Jesus in the night, where Judas expects Jesus to start his fight, and it will be the beginning of the rebellion. But Judas is taken by surprise as he watches Jesus, allowing himself to be captured, and taken to jail.
     Judas is now completely confused. He was so sure, so certain that Jesus was the Military leader. And then Judas realizes, Jesus is not a military leader, he is a spiritual leader, a preacher, a rabbi.  He rushes off to the Jewish leaders telling them he, and they, had made a mistake.  He is only a rabbi, but the Jewish leaders ignore Judas, they are tired of Jesus raking up the ire of the romans, who had told them just recently, there was to be no rabble rousing by the Jews, or there would be consequences to be paid. 
     Judas tried his hardest to have jesus released, but no one paid him any mind. Unable to justify pushing jesus to start a rebellion, only to realize there was never a rebellion in jesus' mind, only the word of God, knowing he, and jesus would both be crucified, Judas takes his life, as he knew the blood of an innocent and good man was on his hands.
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my personal thank you to Mark Nickens. writer for the 'Religion . section of 'High Point Enterprise   

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A CERTAIN STINK: A New & Virulent Anti-Semitism

     A growing, global Anti-Semitism seems, unbelievably, to be wielding tentacles around Europe once again.
     There have been some extremely bothersome, frightening really, events going on in Europe which has not been getting any air time at all on U.S. news reports.

---A court in Lithuania has declared the SWASTIKA to be a national symbol. This is the most outrageous, and egregious step taken since Hitler came to power.
     Jewish partisans, who fought the nazis during the war in Lithuania are themselves, going to trial as war criminals!
     This is surreal. I hadn't thought only sixty years of res pit  was all we were due, especially after the holocaust.
     The sweet syrup pours thickly from Denis McShanes pen, as he writes in the JPost, "of course there are many decent politicians in Baltic states who want to....WANT TO (Then why don't they?) condemn soviet crimes without condoning anti-Jewish acts--(huh-what? I thought I had read that wrong as well), how could any anti-Jewish acts be condoned? What makes an anti-Jewish act right? when Jews were fighting for their lives???
     8 EU Ambassadors recently wrote a letter to the Lithuanian government over the attacks on Jewishness in the country.  When the government read the letter, the EU complained of a problem with one of their member states. (What problem could take precedence over this????)
     Then? Then it was all forgotten. A rotten nightmare all to real for the Jews of Europe.

     There is a NEW type of holocaust denial. Double-Genocide revisionism.  Not an out and out denial, but it is a theory advancing across Eastern and Baltic Europe.  It consists of this argument; Hitler was no different from the murderous Stalin.  Both intended mass starvation as there were in the Ukraine, especially in the 1930's---and both countries had mass deportations and murder of Baltic peoples which were the same as the holocaust in scope of lives. That is the new revised theory.

     There Is One Very Big Difference, and it is a blaring one.  One now must take into account the logistical, industrial, and technological way Jews were,(and most were Jews) transported from all corners of Europe to Death Camps  for instant and deceptive gassing. Gassing with xyklon B, an insecticide to be used for insects, My God, Because of a sick minds anti-Jewish ideology.

     In Latvia, where my grandfather was born, now in this here and now, the Waffen SS Latvian division is given an annual commemoration.  This particular division took part in many of the atrocities against the Jews.  For what reason is this division commemorated.  I wonder.

     Right now, in Hungary, an openly anti-Jewish political party, Jobbik party, is getting the votes.  People don't feel odd or badly voting for anti-semetic policies.

     Nick Griffen, a British member of European Parliament and notorious holocaust denier, in a by-election in March, won more votes than the main stream Liberal Democrats.

     I don't know, my feelings go from being sick to scared, I do know one thing, may sound silly to you, but I am not going down without taking one or two of those bastards with me.

     My dad fought the Germans, The nazis----the haters, he lost a part of his leg, and rib cage over there. Surely many of you have dads or grand dads, moms, or grand moms fighting this deadly menace all over Europe and it begins again???   How did it start? why?

     Because of the hatred, a hatred for Jews, almost bringing Hitler to our shores for blood lust. Not until all Jews were dead, maybe he would have stopped, but don't kid yourself.  If not for the allies, the western world, the civilized world fighting against hatred, those haters would have murdered all the polish, slavs,gypsies, blacks, arabs,Czechs, french, Spaniards, anyone who did not think the same as the haters, would have been dead.

     Does anyone in their right mind want to live with the hatred and bloody murder of these people again?

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Self-Esteem if You Dress Like Your Teen.

     While reading the news at the CNN site, I came across an article which peeked my interest. The title was 'Why Are Moms Dressing Like Their Teen Daughters?'
     Roni Cohen-Sandler, a psychologist, specializes in relationships between mothers and their daughters.
     Her interpretation of moms dressing younger warns ''compitition could be in the works. Hmmm, maybe, sometimes, which in that case there is something going on between mother and daughter that has much more to do with clothing.

            Now I Come To The Point Which Drove Me A Little Over The EDGE!!

     Sandler believes teen girls get a message, in which their mother feels insecure, and upset at the thought that she is aging.
     It was an odd thing to read. If ,when I was a teen and my mom looked good in hip stuff, i would feel proud, and think, man my mom really thinks she is something.  Why does everything have to be a rivalry?
     One Mom interviewed felt badly being 30 in the junior dept. 30? this woman is a baby compared to me...i would give, mayyyybe a pinkie finger for 30!!!!
     Seriously though, I am so comfortable in my own skin these days, my brain gives me my age, not my face, or my darn aching back.

     Ms. Christina McMenemy has two youngsters.  After losing 80 lbs. she wanted to show off a bit.  Losing 80 lbs., gets, from me, 20 kudos.  My sister lost 100 lbs. So yes, fabulous job.!!!!
     McMenemy said she now wanted to 'enjoy her body.'
     Then, BANG!!, in a spectacular paragraph she then says this:

     "Society puts mothers at a crossroads. You can be the good frumpy mom who cares more about her kids than what she should be wearing, or, OR the mom WHO IS MORE FASHIONABLE AND THEREFORE MUST BE MORE INTO HER NEEDS THAN HER CHILDREN!!!
     What a stunning remark! So, the well cared for, fashion forward mom, is selfish and doesn't care about her kids?  What the hell?

     I won't be frumpy until I die and they put me in a body bag.!

     I quess we can now tell, definitively, who the good moms are, and who those bad, selfish mothers who care nothing for their children, only their own selves and their fashions.  Bad mothers who want to look good! How DARE they!

     God help us!

     No, I don't want to mimic a teenager.  As a woman, an older woman, I revel in the fact that I still wear my trademark Bohemian style. I just love it and always will. Why should I give up wearing clothing which has always made me feel good , because of a number.  I have another of those numbers coming around again, and soon.  I don't care.
     I wouldn't change it for a frumpy look.  Even though my clothing are not frumpy, I DO love and care for my daughter more than my life, regardless of a silly piece of cloth.

     The Doctor's study, in my opinion, puts the subject under a microscope.

     I don't think it needs this much scrutiny.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Squeamish? Don't Read!

     The name SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele,gives a chill which makes the hair stand up for a great many people.
     I have been engrossed in the book, 'MENGELE, The Complete Story', authored  by Gerald Posner and John Ware.  Both fascinating, and absolutely disgusting and frustrating.
     I have come across a few ,shall we say, experiments, which have been so bothersome, I MUST blog it out.  Come read , if you feel like  living through just a part of Dante's inferno, or Auschwitz.
    I have studied this subject for, well, some many years, but some things just seem so incredible, I find it hard to wrap my head around it, and understand....
Here we go:

Mengele, as most Nazi doctors, looked for ways to increase their 'master race', of Aryans. Tall,blond, blue eyes, roman nose, muscle bound, healthy and heroic, and a fervent love of the Fatherland. In this vein Mengele worked on his abundant material (people) in search of this. His specialty was twins. In studying twins he looked forward to increasing the race two fold each time, and tried experimenting to see if twins would give birth to twins.
His interests included the color of eyes, and they should mainly be blue, so he also experimented in this.
Please, if you are squeamish, don't read.

Some of Mengele's first experiments at KL Auschwitz were on eyes. He injected different colored dyes to see if he was able to change the pigmentation of eyes. Thirty six children were used for this experimentation. They consisted of painful infections, many times blindness. Afterwards  the children were gassed as they were of no further use to the Dr...(so hard to call this man a doctor...)  But the results of his research,supplemented by the German Research Council, were witnessed by an inmate, who was himself a doctor, and a Jew. This is what he said.
     "In June 1943 I went to the Gypsy camp in Birkenau. I saw a wooden table. On it were samples of eyes. They each had a number and a letter. The eyes were very pale yellow to bright blue, green, and violet."

Another witness, a woman ,said,
     "She saw a wall covered with eyes in one of Mengele's laboratories. "They were pinned up like butterflies," she said. "I thought I was dead and already living in hell."

     The eyes were sent to Berlin as a research report.

Now I come to the twins. Mengele, it is said, adored twins, dwarfs, and oddities of all types.
     When the cattle cars pulled into the the gates of Auschwitz ,Mengele stood at the head as the people, or what was left of them huddled into two lines. Men and woman. The woman usually held the children. He quickly yelled for twins.  And there they came, his beloved twins.
Twins were perfect for the picked experiments as one twin was used as the control subject.
     Twins destined for Mengele's experiments were housed in a barrack in Birkenau,which was the woman's spin off concentration camp of Auschwitz.  There were hundreds of sub camps like this.  Where the twins stayed was known as the 'ZOO'.  The children were given good food, comfortable beds. Conditions were clean, as he wanted their health built up, this was the most important part of the experimental process, the comparative study of bodily functions, and anatomy.
     Incredibly, these children adored the monster doctor calling him 'uncle pepi'.  Mengele brought them chocolates, candies and the girls had ribbons in their hair. An absolute perfectionist, if both ribbons were not at exactly the same height, it was to be done over again.

     After the health of the twins were built up, and they were strong and very healthy, the experiments began.
The twins were moved to a hospital for what was called the "in vivo' stage. It was experimentation performed while the children were alive.
200 pairs of boy twins were held in the ready for experimentation.
     First the twins were measured, everything, ears, nose, distance from nose to ears.   Then when the measuring was over....
Surgery was performed, most times without anesthetics. Amputations which were needless, wounds deliberately infected to compare the reaction of each twin, as well as other honorifics. One really weird experiment was to take one twins blood and interchange it into his twin brother or sister.

     Here now is another bit I had read which split my mind in half:
The results of one of the blood interchange experiment was graphically described by witness, Vera Alexander.:
     "One day Mengele brought chocolate and special clothes. the next day, SS men came and took two children away. The were two of my pets, Tito and Nino. One of them was a hunchback. Two or three days later, an SS man brought them back in a terrible state. They had been cut. The hunchback was sewn to the other child, back to back, their wrists back to back too. There was a terrible smell of gangrene. The cuts were dirty and the children cried every night."

     Mengele , also forced the two sisters to have sex with other twins, to try to discover if twins would reproduce twins. He tried finding suitable (isn't that kind of the bastard) partners for each. When they objected, Mengele, told them, they were prisoners, and this was an experiment, they were to do as they were told.-------These statements told by a small group of survivors of these experiments.
After the in vivo tests, then Mengele dove into the heart of his experiments, for his passion was to learn everything about the similarities or differences of twins. This he called, again, The most important part of the experiments on twins:
     The dissection of their bodies. Then Mengele would compare their organs and overall development. His treasures, and beloved, children, twins, had to DIE AT THE SAME time.

     The first children  delivered to Mengele was two year old twins. His assistant preformed the autopsies. They lay side by side on the dissection tiny, And in an incredibly horrible nutshell, it was those tiny victims  who HAD to resolve the secret of the reproduction of the Aryan race.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can't Sleep, Why?

    (Yawn...Stretch), Good Morning everyone.
 Just cant sleep.  I have been up for hours listening to the radio. I listen to...NPR. Granted, any overload of news is lethal, but, (com se com sa)?, this is me. I need, NEED, to know what is going on.  Not only here in our good old USA, but all over the world, so , you could say, I take the world on my shoulders. It is usually not easy. These days it is just plain murder!
     How did the US get into this position?  The Tea Party is a brick wall. It reminds me of the movie, 'Village of The Damed'. The children, all blond haired and blue eyed, which almost takes me to another subject, however, in the movie we never do find out where these children come from, but they can read minds. They come to earth and are somehow implanted into the wombs of the wives of the most intelligent men in the town, scientists, professors and the like. The most intelligent of them all figures out what is happening when he children are about seven years old, and decides he must plan to murder them all for they are on earth to destroy humans.  To make sure his child does not read his mind, he believes what he must do is think of nothing but 'a brick wall'. He does this. We can see the child is beginning to understand the real motive behind his fathers 'wall', and as we watch the wall begins to crumble, however the strength of the father is greater than the will of the boy. Anyway, the bottom line is, all the children are gathered together inside a house, which is doused in gasoline, and set afire.
     As I said, I believe the Tea Party is a brick wall. Here I have to take a second to just laugh, just for this second....okay. Now, I , of course am not saying Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Eric Kantor, or any of the tea party politicos are demons from outer space, take that as you wish, I do feel a certain feeling of 'creepiness' when they begin their tirades of:
Get rid of Government subsidies, especially when, at the least,some, are on government subsidies. Rick Perry receives government money for not farming on his farm land. 75,000 dollars a year. Not chicken feed, and alot more than most of us make in a year.
Put a hold on, or change Medicare,Medicaid,Social Security...I am not blind,and I see some cuts may have to come, not happy, but.... It does bother me,though that the ones who are deciding these cuts for 'we the people', have healthcare, as well as who knows how many benefits for the rest of their lives only because they sit in a seat, which contains a ceiling with a dome atop it.
     There are at least fourty million seniors in this country. I suppose this ranges from the age of fifty five to infinity...this is what I ask----"Where is the outrage , where are the protests?. It is so quite on the protest front ,one can hear a pin drop. It almost seems to quite, as if we are afraid, as a people, to get out and protest.
     I am not talking about the craziness in London, or the uprisings in the middle east. Protests..we ARE allowed to protest, freedom of speech, remember? one of our unaliable rights?   Hello out there.......I only hear an echo. A commercial on TV with a big man, arms crossed, says, "there are fourty million of us".   Just doesn't seem to be getting the message across.
     Beside the seniors, stand the college students, or those who strive to go to college and cannot afford it. Most try for student loans, Pell Grants (government subsidized).  College has gotten to the point where it is just about untouchable.
     Now ,I come to favorite, as well as most disliked (go figure) subject. The bringing of religion into politics, and science.
     Don't you absolutely detest when someone else tells what you should think?.. When someone tells me the world is only six thousand years old,I can't help say to myself, "Uh oh, ", or, "oh no", with a nasally inside voice.  They seem so positive.  Going on, we are told the dinosaurs lived at the same time as man. "What about the fossils, and the dating that tells us the dinos are millions of years old?"   The answer to this is...."Junk science"...     "What about global warming, climate change, and the storms and drought is so different, anyone with EYES can see this happening......"Nope, it's the natural cycle of the always warms and cools."         That IS true, but not to this degree.
     To me, Christianity is a beautiful faith.  When it is truly Christ full.
     The Christian Right, Evangelicals are a completely different animal. There are no Christian values here.  I ALWAYS say that Christianity is the embodiment of love and tolerance. Where is love OR tolerance in the Tea Party? They tolerate no one who has a different way of thinking. They have an absolute abhorrent toward:
Blacks, (Michele Bachmann has already stated that she thought slavery was good for African Americans)
Barak Obama
The governments of other countries, mainly in Europe.
Anyone who thinks differently from themselves
Sharia law....  really? sharia law...coming to a town near you!

     Michele Bachmann is running as a Christian candidate. What Political party does that put her in?  Well , she is a Tea Party member, most of the Tea Party, hard right, are Christian Conservatives.
     Remembering back to the late 1980's early 90's, I remember watching the Seven Hundred club hosted by Pat Robertson. He also ran.  I distinctly remember how he urged, not only money, but for Christians to run for political offices. He built his university, and law school, and then there were a plethora of Christian Evangelicals opening up Universities. Jerry Falwell, of course the Bob Jones college here in the carolinas.  There are so many now, it really is hard to remember them all.  From them popped lawyers trying to rid us of the absolutely dammed to hell, as they would call it, Planned parenthood clinics, where woman who have little money can get ,pap smears, breast checkups for cancer, and yes, they do preform abortions, if you are under three months gestation.  The thought that there are men in certain states that have the audacity to reach into a woman's uterus, and determine, life starts as soon as the egg meets the sperm, just doesn't ring as something that is RIGHT, or FAIR, it is SEXIST.  The states are making up their own minds on this issue.  Why?, and more importantly, how?  Abortion, the last time I checked, is legal in this country. The closing of Planned Parenthood clinics is directly related to the Christian right.
     A few weeks ago, I had the fabulous pleasure of hearing the interview on NPR of a Christian Conservative woman expounding the virtue of the wonderfulness of  even the thought of closing down planned parenthood, as they take too much money from the government to the operation known as abortion. In fact, one percent goes to PP, as she also had a problem, as do other Republicans, and Christian Conservatives, with Public Radio. Angered she told the interviewer "just too much money goes to public radio."   One percent of government funding went to public radio, the rest is funded by public donations, private, as well as many businesses, the gates foundation, etc.   So I guess the one percent from PP and Public Radio just didn't do the trick for the economy.  But somewhere out there is a young woman who cannot get a checkup for cancer, or a checkup for a pregnancy for the baby she dearly wants, because she is poor, and always went to PLandparenthood, but thanks to a senator she may or may not have voted for, there is no where for her to go, as planned parenthood clinics have been banned in her state....
Thank You,   dear loving Christian Conservatives..........  Should I  now say, long live the tea party.......

Vote in the next election people....   the nuts have to go, it is coming toward fall, and the squirrels are hungry....FEEEED them.

Thank You for reading
This is my blurb for the day...  long blurb..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ahh, Years Past

     With the ceiling of debt falling from the sky, the down rating of the U.S. credit rating, and the chance of the dismantling of Social Security, I thought I would just take a quick look at way back when..  So I am going to enter the way back machine that was a mainstay of the Bullwinkle and Rocky show.
     I know, I know. Most of you will say ,oh gosh, here we go back to the boring 'old days'.  But those 'boring', days ,as some may say, were really not so boring at all.
     I never remember being bored as a youngster. There was a great creativity in the air then. We made up our own games. I would ride my blue two wheel bicycle, make believe it was a car, or even a horse. We did some roller skating, in the road, or on the pavement. They were the four wheel type skates with a skate key, which I wore around my neck, as did most kids then.
    Then.  What a word.  It is a beautiful word when I think back. There was no debt ceiling. Veterans didn't have to worry whether their pay would come, and the men stationed in other countries, also, did not have the bother of worry for their family and whether they were looked after.
   Veterans came back from overseas and were guaranteed schooling and help to get their first home.  What beats that?
   Today, they are lucky if they get paid. Can you imagine yourself, fighting in the hellish Afghanistan or Iraq, and getting news that you will get paid eventually. "For now ,my dear sons, and daughters of the fighting forces, you are promised and IOU.  Because of the stalemate of the Republican party, which has turned so far to the right, they are making a circle.  Thank you Tea Party Pols.
   Back to 'back then'.  There was kite flying for hours. Walking to the stores with friends. Reading, Barbies, boardgames(I always had to let my sister win, or she would puff up and get angry, and blow, baby, blow). I would go to my next door friend, we would have 'Ragu and Noodles', in the jar, and have a blast. I remember his mother. She had the mushiest, smoothest arms.  A small voice, a quick smile, blond bubble hair, with a little felt bow stuck on the top of her hair.
   Then there was my girl friend down the street, and another across the street.
   My point being; we took advantage of the fresh air, we walked in the rain, ran on the grass, me always barefoot.  We NEVER holed ourselves up, inside the house for hours, and days, playing games where we were to murder people to win a game.  Over and over for hours, murdering people, shooting, being shot at.  What does that teach.  It is fun, but then becomes a bore to see people blown to bits, blood and guts flying every where on the screen.
   I would rather have back then again. when I sat with my dad at night on the font porch, watching the sky, looking at the stars and talking ,about the universe, and gravity, until it was very late, and I had learned something new, always did from dad. 
   I went to sleep knowing, I had spent fun time with my friends outside, had intricate conversations with my father, and quality time with him. 
   So, when it is four o clock in the morning THESE days, and you've just got thru blowing up the world, dad and mom are probably asleep.  What is the reward ?  Congratulations, you blew up a virtual world..  hallelujah, and good for you.  Sleep well. 

And that is my blurb for today
take it for what it is worth.


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let Us Pray

    Christian Conservatives, Right wing, Tea Party Politics has taken our country to a new low. One which we, in the united states have never seen before.
    For their own selfish reasons, they took the entire peoples of this country, hostage, and let it be known, they didn't care if our entire ship keeled over and sunk.
     I always thought, and have said this before, christian values are ones of love and understanding. And the fact of this matter is the tea partyers are using the word 'Christian", to hold fast to the christian just using the word 'christian, REALLY?
     Do the Tea Party politicians think their constituency is this blind, or stupid?
     They have shown what they are willing to do to get their way every time. 75,000 construction and FAA workers are losing their jobs, while at least one candidate, cant remember his name...  umm,  Mitt Romney, ahh yes, sits back in his ten million dollar mansion of ten thousand feet, a spectacular lake in his
'back yard', and hasn't said peep for weeks.
     While those people are losing their jobs, a company was formed, giving Mitt Romney, one million dollars, and then Poof, the company was dissolved. This company was put together for the sole reason of giving Romney one million dollars.  Isn't there something wrong there?   I certainly am not the only one to see past what this party has in mind.
     My feeling is this party wants to take over the country and bring it back to when the English first landed at Plymouth rock.
     Let us not as well, forget the Koch brothers, who gave money to ALL the political Tea's. We can't assume they are not still in the picture.
     I would love to see a gritty journalist get to the bottom of the real causes, and how this party came into being. It doesn't feel right, just doesn't fit in this country.
     Again, and it has been proven over and over, they have brought up Mr. Obama's religion. He is American, and that should be enough. But, even this seems to be up in the air..
     I call in the name of everything that is good in this country, for someone to investigate what in the world is going on.
    The tea party Ideologies and politics are as far left, as the Nazi party was right.

and that is my blurb for today.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Seething Hatred of Liberal Ideas

I don't understand the Republican and The Teaparty's apparent hatred of liberal ideas.
Liberal ideas come from the bible. I am not a christian, however,wasn't Jesus one who preached 'one should take care of another.' 
'share what you have'
'help the blind, the hungry, in other words,the disabled. 
So why are the teapartyer's so against the government helping the poor,or the disabled. The veterans who come back from wars,when they are hurt,and end up on disability ,helped by the government.
If not social security,food stamps and medicaid, then who is expected to help the disabled? Not the Tea party. Republicans want no part of it. The liberal ideas of the Democratic party have made so many things possible. First off, social security. I don't see the TP or the Republicans giving up their social security benefits,which they so disdain. If we were all able to give ourselves tremendous yearly raises,and had the health care these politicians have, no one would be in need of government benefits...
Most of the TP's and Republicans ARE christian, or so they call themselves. They don't practice what they preach when it comes to giving, or sharing.
They don't want to enforce big companies to pay the taxes they owe. Nor do they want the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.Oil companies get benefits, Mcdonalds gets benefits. In fact, the wealthy enjoy lower taxes, loop holes, and tax breaks, as it is believed they will somehow be giving jobs to us lower bracket income slobs.  As everyone is told by them,  americans who don't make money, or those on government benefits, are lazy, and just do not wish to work. Not true, this is just, not true.
The wealthy live in a different world than the rest of us. The more money they make, the less they want to give.  I aknowledge those who do give. Bill Gates, as well as other celebrities . And still, most of them give to those disadvantaged in other countries.
A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement asking for help for hungry children in America. This shocked me, as it was something I had never seen. Why should there be hungry children here, when there are those, so wealthy they eat and throw out their food. Have parties on yachts, or fly in the food they want ,or fly out to a restaraunt in another country.
Does no one see the priorities that are completely upside down?
And ,so , again, I ask, as I truly do not understand this seething hatred of liberal ideologies.   Why? Where does the hatred come from. nobles ablege certainly no longer exists,anywhere.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Lebensborns Part Two

       Between 1940-44, deliveries hovered at 500 babies per year.
     The Lebensborns were also used by women from occupied France, Belgium and Holland, to have their SS boyfriends' babies and then hand them to the SS.
Inmates were asked to clean their own rooms .This caused a great deal of satisfaction among wives of SS senior officers, police or the party. They had resented greatly, the presence of girls, or women whose social levels were, THEY felt, below their own. Many gave birth, and left during that night or the next day, if only to conceal their identity.
Subjects of cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, many reports, orders and instructions give clear ideas of the states existing in this or that home at a particular time. The total chaos prevailed in homes in which future elite, New Black Order of the SS were born.  It seems among bits of information ,was told, *there were pieces  of wire or nails in the broth for the babies..
*Chamber pots filled to overflowing, not emptied for days or weeks.
*infants kicked by nurses while seated on the pots.
*Indiscipline was mentioned over and again.
*Complaints by women to whom the wrong baby had been returned by mistake.

An unexpected visit by Himmler in 1941, to one of the homes near Berlin, made a very bad impression. Disorder, neglect and total indiscipline. The mothers, forthwith were to be trained in tidiness. Cases of severe indiscipline by mothers are to be punished by immediate dismissal. 
Visits by men were to be forbidden in future. No possibility of intimacy would be tolerated.
The Reichsfuhrer SS is going to have artistic statues representing a mother and child, placed in appropriate situations, outside each home to indicate the nature of the place. A statue of a mother feeding her child was set up8in an appropriate spot immediately.
Women who worked outside, picked up infections which spread to the entire home. After a while, the women were forbidden to go out.If a woman had to go out with her child for any reason, they were both put in quarantine for a week after their return home.
Two different expectant mothers, children fathered by the same father, were in the same home .This was very bad, and must not happen again.
A proffessional midwife was now expecting her third child.
to be cont.,

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lebensborns Part one

When people think of the Holocaust,that first thought is the six million Jews which perished in the death camps. This was, undoubtedly, one of the most well known crimes of the Third Reich. But only one of their dastardly deeds.
    What one must know when it comes to Hitler and the nazis is,  nothing, nothing, anyone could think of, was  'over the top' for them.
At certain times while writing my book,after many parts,I started thinking to myself, "wow, is this ,maybe, to much?, maybe over the top?"  What I learned,and the answer to my question is this: no. There was nothing,  'over the top', as far as the nazi reich was concerned. They had done everything. And certainly, were it not done as of yet, did not mean it had not been thought about,and tried.
     The Reich had plans until  the 1980's. Bringing  pure Nordic blood from around the globe, into Germany , was one of their most immediate and far reaching plans.
     Lebensborn, might have been a one sentence blurb in a history book, if at all. Through my studies of the history of the Third Reich, I have come across so many subjects that have made my head spin. One of those was the subject of the lebensborns.
     These,which translate literally to, fountains of life, were institutions for the breeding of a Nordic super race aided with carefully selected men and women according to the racial principles of the Third Reich. The institutions were created by Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS.
     One day In 1971,while trying to track down some of the children and their origin of birth,as well as their biological parents, a shocking discovery was made. Beside the fact that the were abouts of these children was unknown, it was as if they had never existed,  vanished into thin air.
These 'homes', were much more than a provision  for special maternity homes turning out Nordics. Some thing much more nefarious was going on. Germans had kidnapped hundreds of thousands of ''racially valuable' children from all over Europe. Taken them from their loving families to Germanize them. This was one of the ways to help the new super race to multiply. Poles, Czechs, Yugoslavs ,French, Belgian, Holland, Russian children, and more, were taken by the SS for selection, and Germanization, at some point to be adopted, no matter what age,some infants, some as old as sixteen, by fervent Aryan, Nazi families, many were  SS families.  200000 children were taken from Poland alone.
     The careers of the SS men who participated in this abomination were only able to be studied until the year 1945. The privacy of former SS members, including war criminals, was protected by law. The same woman who had brought this to light, had, in 1955, come across a press piece on a nurse, name of Paula was mentioned.  She had worked in a Lebensborn at Steinhoring, near Munich.  It had been turned into a home for  handicapped children after the war and one particular nurse had continued working there.  This had been the only lead the investigators had.