Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teaparty...Brrrr Cold in Here.

     Why in the world is everyone so afraid of the Teaparty people?  This is what i call them. It is if a ship has landed from another planet, and out popped the 'teaparty people', and now everyone is afraid, nervous, panicky ,upset, and the worst, seems to be, paralized with fear. Fear, and walking on eggshells. No one wants to get any of these people upset, for who knows what in the world they will do?...  Are these five year olds who will have a tantrum if we say no?, Are they crazy parinoid schizophrenics, that ,also, if we get them upset, no one knows what they will do.
     What can they do?  Well, to fear them is probably a good thing. To be paralized with so much fear that, little children can not be exposed to a wonderful and optimistic speech about school by the president of the United States....  yes, their president.. well that is going to far.
     I get the feeling of a grey storm decending... and it feels like a chilly 1930's degrees 'round parts of America.
     The teachers were frightened by the postings of the tea parties statement that the presidents speech, last year, had something which had them in a dither....   what was it????  I dont think anyone knows, it was just   DAH du.. The dreaded 'something'  So teachers get your act together and dont allow the children to see this black man (who does he think he is to be the president of America, the audacity........ Although he did get 98 percent, again, 98% of the vote, which sort of pushed him to be the president of these here United States...  you know the guy who,  well, he wasnt born here,  and ,uh, yeah thats right, hes a muslim and prays 12 times a day...  its out there someone saw this....)       Yes there was something controversial in the speech, okay,  what the heck is it??  No one is talking. 
     Anyway the children were given opt out notices to bring home to their parents so they could opt out of the presidents speech 'in case', there was something controversial in this one too.  But this one turned out to be a beautiful speech, optimistic, uplifting, speaking to kids about how important school is.  How important it was to learn...     LEARN, ah HA!!!!! there it is. That word, learn... bad.  it is bad to learn, and find out the truth. Science is bad, Math is bad, Research is bad.... and apparantly listening to the president speek to the country about knowledge, well, that is the worst.  They dont want their children to gear up to learn. No knowledge here, lets throw out the physics classes, all science, and math, gone... fill it with

creationism    101  5,000 credits
Evangelicism  201   7000 credits
Televangelism  320  10,000 credits
How to speak on behalf of God  403   50,000 credits...  graduate and you win?

This reminds me of the way communities began to be frightened of a little party, who , also made a big hub bub when people went on and did what they liked instead of what the party liked.  They were called,  what was it.... the brown shirts, the deaths head....  AHHHHH yes, it was the nazi party..  no one ever wanted to get their knickers in an uproar.....   no one had to, they had already picked their demon....
     So has the tea party. It seems to be America.  

I hope and pray Americans do not become parilized to the point of robotic actions at the voting stations....  more than that, i pray, everyone will be able to vote...  what year is this...  is it 1960 yet?..  yeah, we have to put a photo of ourselves now and pay for the right to vote.....   wait.   I..I thought it was going to be 2012...  like a time machine...    that is what is going on.  it is as if we are in a nightmare and can not wake up...   but this is real..    Dont turn into a robot...  THINK.. think for yourself, if you still can,   dont let 'these people', turn this country into something that is now coming to you from the wild west.... horses and buggies, shoot outs in the streets, home schooling, and Christian get togethers....    no science please, and dont bother us with the truth, we know the truth...  WE MADE IT UP.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When Pogroms End, there will be Peace. But When Will They Ever End ?

     The custom in Arab countries, most of which surround Israel and spin out as a mini solar system, is, to say, "Zionism is responsible for all of the hatred, the wars,the grief. But this region's anti-semitism would have developed without the Israeli state being close by. Arab and Islamic nationalism took care of that by watering,feeding,nurturing, xenophobia.
    Each time an Arab country broke free of their own binding chains,giving them control over their own destiny,they set up a pogrom,lying in wait for unsuspecting Jews, who had fought and died equally with their Arab brothers,just as they had with their  countrymen for the country they loved as well,Germany, in the Great War... WW1.  Now their Arab countrymen were kicked out of their society like so much garbage.
     The great Arab states, egypt,syria,lybia,Morocco and Jordan, refuse to integrate (Palestinians) into their own lands, this way the hopes of keeping seething pots of hatred and conflict alive between the palestinians, who are basically arabs from those very lands,and the Israelis,   or why not lets just call a spade a spade, between Palestinians and Jews.
     Jews, when forced from their own lands, which were Arab at this point, went to Israel and France, becoming citizens of their chosen countries. Palestinians were ostracized from even their Arab nationality.  Pitifull way to treat ones own.
     These following facts ,as well as many others have been OBSCURED and serves in the Campaign to DELIGITIMIZE Israel.
     SO.  I now will put ALL of the ingredients togeter to show those of you out there, how terribly hard this 'stew' is to make, and how easily it can be taken fom the stove and spilled on the ground.  Forever gone.

Keep an eye out for dates and countries. I made the mistake of not watching for countries.  I assumed, never a good thing to do, the early dates, were in nazi germany.  The latest dates were truly shocking.
      So it wasn't always the big bad wolf starting trouble in the neighborhood....
                      When Jews had Communities in these Arab countries.:

1929-Egypt- discrimination of Jews in public service

1932-Iraq- Jewish history and Hebraic language instruction was prohibited.      
Jewish schools were censored.

1945-48-Egypt Jews were excluded from public life.---Schools were to be Egyptianized and have an Arabized curricula.
---Community organizations were forced to submit member lists to the Egyptian state.
                          SOUND FAMILIAR YET ?

1947-Syria- Jews were no longer able to purchase real estate.

1950-Morocco- Arabization of public services begins.

1950-51-53-56-58- Egypt-Nationality laws are passed.  Egyptian Jews became stateless in their own country. 40,000 people (Jews) foriegners in their own home.

1958-Egypt- The list of laws against the Jews lives on  and on. They are always,quickly eliminated from the social communities. It isnt as if no will remember they were there.  No one wanted Jews in their midst.  
Rules then were passed, no postal communication, and difficulty in getting a passport, essentially turned all Jews in Egypt into de facto prisoners.

     My question.....Why keep the Jews, they would have been happy to leave?

                    Suddenly now, in Egypt, all Jews were suspected of Dual Loyalty----Then- All Jews were zionists!! There was legal descrimination, and Arabic became the sole language.  
                                     End of Part One

Wait until you read about the childrens school text books.....It's a real killer!!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who betrayed Who?

     Did Judas really betray Jesus? Let's look at this from the 'what the Jews expected from a,and were looking for in, a messiah,' point of view. In this way those who know nothing of Jewish lore, or know nothing of what it is to be persecuted from the time one is born, can gain some insight into a way of thinking which counts first on security of ones own.
     A job description for the Jewish messiah might read something like this:
     'Wanted, one who can speak in a manner as to draw large crowds to listen to stories of great leadership in combat. A warrior, military man (A MUST), who can help and lead our people to victory over our persecutors and oppressors.'
     In this light, I will look into the matter of the new testament claim of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.
     In the time of Jesus there were a miriad of religious and political factions; Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes(John the Baptist was one),and Zealots. The Essenes were thought to be the source of 'the dead sea scrolls.'  Of all  these groups, the Zealots were one of two, who wanted to get the kingdom of Israel back by riding themselves of the Romans.  Romans were occupiers of Israel in Jesus day. They had taken Israel in the year 63 BC. By the time Jesus began preaching, Romans had occupied Israel for 100 years.  After Jesus death Jews killed about three thousand Roman soldiers and did re establish the Kingdom of Israel for about five years. But ,while jesus preached, Zealots knew this; Israel had been occupied for 100 years, and they were fed up with their persecutors.
     A small group within the Zealots, the Sicarii(from the latin meaning 'daggermen') carried knives and assassinated Romans or Jews,who were traitors,meaning they had accepted the Romans, and had in essence become roman, and were against the Jews.
     It is very possible Judas,whose name was Iscariot, may very well have been a Sicarii. The similarity, and use of the same letters, sets up an interesting course of events. Since the bible was translated, who knows how many times into many lanquages, one being latin, lets take the story of Judas from the view of his being a Scarii.
     If he was a Scarii, he would have been an extreme fanatic on the subject of getting rid of Romans, and would have been searching for a Military leader to lead Jews into battle against the Romans. He hears about jesus, and goes to meet with him.  He finds a man who attracts huge crowds wherever he speaks. Judas realizes, here is a man who is a natural leader,as many followed him to his speaking places. Judas sees in Jesus an excellent leader for the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Exactly the man Jews had been looking for, a messiah. Messiah is another word for Leader.
     Judas joins those who have been following jesus.  And Jesus picks Judas to be a main leader, an apostle. Judas is convinced, this man jesus is the military leader he had been looking for.
     He follows Jesus, seeing that he not only heals the sick, but can bring a dead man back to life! What an incredible gift for a military leader to have. Jesus continued his preaching, and his teaching. Judas, after following for 3 years, becomes tired of waiting for their rebellion to begin.
     Judas now believes he must push Jesus between a rock and a hard place, hoping he would come out swinging. He does not, and Judas seeks out the Jewish leaders telling them he knows where Jesus prays away from prying eyes. Judas leads them to Jesus in the night, where Judas expects Jesus to start his fight, and it will be the beginning of the rebellion. But Judas is taken by surprise as he watches Jesus, allowing himself to be captured, and taken to jail.
     Judas is now completely confused. He was so sure, so certain that Jesus was the Military leader. And then Judas realizes, Jesus is not a military leader, he is a spiritual leader, a preacher, a rabbi.  He rushes off to the Jewish leaders telling them he, and they, had made a mistake.  He is only a rabbi, but the Jewish leaders ignore Judas, they are tired of Jesus raking up the ire of the romans, who had told them just recently, there was to be no rabble rousing by the Jews, or there would be consequences to be paid. 
     Judas tried his hardest to have jesus released, but no one paid him any mind. Unable to justify pushing jesus to start a rebellion, only to realize there was never a rebellion in jesus' mind, only the word of God, knowing he, and jesus would both be crucified, Judas takes his life, as he knew the blood of an innocent and good man was on his hands.
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my personal thank you to Mark Nickens. writer for the 'Religion . section of 'High Point Enterprise