Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Religious Wars...Where are They?

     Where is Obama's war on religion?
Why does providing contraception raise a 'serious moral concern?"
Insurance companies must offer contraception This doesn't mean every woman must stand, mouth open, and then force fed these pills.
     It is about time women are considered gender equal when it comes to health care.
     Believe me, if men were the ones who carried babies for nine months, and then gave birth, they would be howling for a contraception pill As women, all who have had he pleasure of going through the birth of a child, KNOW, that is a true statement.
How is access to a birth control, an infringement on religious liberty.This puzzles me
     I agree with Mr Obama's statement in which he said, "No woman's health care should depend on who she is, or where she works or how much money she makes."
     Her freedom to have birth control is a religious liberty as well.
     Contraception should not be withheld by a woman's employer or a politician.
     Once again religion wants to hold our uterus' for ransom. We only get them back if we say 'yes' to babies.
I suppose 'how many' is the question to ask..HMMM?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


    I read this today. It leaves me in a quandary. A quandary which pushed me to a state of ,'What the --'
"the concept of being 'chosen' is so racist it has no place in this day and age. the fact that Jews make up a tiny minority in the world 'their God's pronouncements', are irrelevant to most people."
-chosen is discriminatory-
-chosen is in the bible-
-chosen is outdated-
Going along this thread, in this vein.....
.is the bible out dated?
.is it the old testament that is out dated?
.the book of 'isaiah' is in the old testament.
.Christians believe Isaiah tells the prophecy of Jesus.
.is the belief in Jesus out dated?