Monday, July 18, 2011

Seething Hatred of Liberal Ideas

I don't understand the Republican and The Teaparty's apparent hatred of liberal ideas.
Liberal ideas come from the bible. I am not a christian, however,wasn't Jesus one who preached 'one should take care of another.' 
'share what you have'
'help the blind, the hungry, in other words,the disabled. 
So why are the teapartyer's so against the government helping the poor,or the disabled. The veterans who come back from wars,when they are hurt,and end up on disability ,helped by the government.
If not social security,food stamps and medicaid, then who is expected to help the disabled? Not the Tea party. Republicans want no part of it. The liberal ideas of the Democratic party have made so many things possible. First off, social security. I don't see the TP or the Republicans giving up their social security benefits,which they so disdain. If we were all able to give ourselves tremendous yearly raises,and had the health care these politicians have, no one would be in need of government benefits...
Most of the TP's and Republicans ARE christian, or so they call themselves. They don't practice what they preach when it comes to giving, or sharing.
They don't want to enforce big companies to pay the taxes they owe. Nor do they want the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.Oil companies get benefits, Mcdonalds gets benefits. In fact, the wealthy enjoy lower taxes, loop holes, and tax breaks, as it is believed they will somehow be giving jobs to us lower bracket income slobs.  As everyone is told by them,  americans who don't make money, or those on government benefits, are lazy, and just do not wish to work. Not true, this is just, not true.
The wealthy live in a different world than the rest of us. The more money they make, the less they want to give.  I aknowledge those who do give. Bill Gates, as well as other celebrities . And still, most of them give to those disadvantaged in other countries.
A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement asking for help for hungry children in America. This shocked me, as it was something I had never seen. Why should there be hungry children here, when there are those, so wealthy they eat and throw out their food. Have parties on yachts, or fly in the food they want ,or fly out to a restaraunt in another country.
Does no one see the priorities that are completely upside down?
And ,so , again, I ask, as I truly do not understand this seething hatred of liberal ideologies.   Why? Where does the hatred come from. nobles ablege certainly no longer exists,anywhere.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Lebensborns Part Two

       Between 1940-44, deliveries hovered at 500 babies per year.
     The Lebensborns were also used by women from occupied France, Belgium and Holland, to have their SS boyfriends' babies and then hand them to the SS.
Inmates were asked to clean their own rooms .This caused a great deal of satisfaction among wives of SS senior officers, police or the party. They had resented greatly, the presence of girls, or women whose social levels were, THEY felt, below their own. Many gave birth, and left during that night or the next day, if only to conceal their identity.
Subjects of cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, many reports, orders and instructions give clear ideas of the states existing in this or that home at a particular time. The total chaos prevailed in homes in which future elite, New Black Order of the SS were born.  It seems among bits of information ,was told, *there were pieces  of wire or nails in the broth for the babies..
*Chamber pots filled to overflowing, not emptied for days or weeks.
*infants kicked by nurses while seated on the pots.
*Indiscipline was mentioned over and again.
*Complaints by women to whom the wrong baby had been returned by mistake.

An unexpected visit by Himmler in 1941, to one of the homes near Berlin, made a very bad impression. Disorder, neglect and total indiscipline. The mothers, forthwith were to be trained in tidiness. Cases of severe indiscipline by mothers are to be punished by immediate dismissal. 
Visits by men were to be forbidden in future. No possibility of intimacy would be tolerated.
The Reichsfuhrer SS is going to have artistic statues representing a mother and child, placed in appropriate situations, outside each home to indicate the nature of the place. A statue of a mother feeding her child was set up8in an appropriate spot immediately.
Women who worked outside, picked up infections which spread to the entire home. After a while, the women were forbidden to go out.If a woman had to go out with her child for any reason, they were both put in quarantine for a week after their return home.
Two different expectant mothers, children fathered by the same father, were in the same home .This was very bad, and must not happen again.
A proffessional midwife was now expecting her third child.
to be cont.,

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lebensborns Part one

When people think of the Holocaust,that first thought is the six million Jews which perished in the death camps. This was, undoubtedly, one of the most well known crimes of the Third Reich. But only one of their dastardly deeds.
    What one must know when it comes to Hitler and the nazis is,  nothing, nothing, anyone could think of, was  'over the top' for them.
At certain times while writing my book,after many parts,I started thinking to myself, "wow, is this ,maybe, to much?, maybe over the top?"  What I learned,and the answer to my question is this: no. There was nothing,  'over the top', as far as the nazi reich was concerned. They had done everything. And certainly, were it not done as of yet, did not mean it had not been thought about,and tried.
     The Reich had plans until  the 1980's. Bringing  pure Nordic blood from around the globe, into Germany , was one of their most immediate and far reaching plans.
     Lebensborn, might have been a one sentence blurb in a history book, if at all. Through my studies of the history of the Third Reich, I have come across so many subjects that have made my head spin. One of those was the subject of the lebensborns.
     These,which translate literally to, fountains of life, were institutions for the breeding of a Nordic super race aided with carefully selected men and women according to the racial principles of the Third Reich. The institutions were created by Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS.
     One day In 1971,while trying to track down some of the children and their origin of birth,as well as their biological parents, a shocking discovery was made. Beside the fact that the were abouts of these children was unknown, it was as if they had never existed,  vanished into thin air.
These 'homes', were much more than a provision  for special maternity homes turning out Nordics. Some thing much more nefarious was going on. Germans had kidnapped hundreds of thousands of ''racially valuable' children from all over Europe. Taken them from their loving families to Germanize them. This was one of the ways to help the new super race to multiply. Poles, Czechs, Yugoslavs ,French, Belgian, Holland, Russian children, and more, were taken by the SS for selection, and Germanization, at some point to be adopted, no matter what age,some infants, some as old as sixteen, by fervent Aryan, Nazi families, many were  SS families.  200000 children were taken from Poland alone.
     The careers of the SS men who participated in this abomination were only able to be studied until the year 1945. The privacy of former SS members, including war criminals, was protected by law. The same woman who had brought this to light, had, in 1955, come across a press piece on a nurse, name of Paula was mentioned.  She had worked in a Lebensborn at Steinhoring, near Munich.  It had been turned into a home for  handicapped children after the war and one particular nurse had continued working there.  This had been the only lead the investigators had.