Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teaparty...Brrrr Cold in Here.

     Why in the world is everyone so afraid of the Teaparty people?  This is what i call them. It is if a ship has landed from another planet, and out popped the 'teaparty people', and now everyone is afraid, nervous, panicky ,upset, and the worst, seems to be, paralized with fear. Fear, and walking on eggshells. No one wants to get any of these people upset, for who knows what in the world they will do?...  Are these five year olds who will have a tantrum if we say no?, Are they crazy parinoid schizophrenics, that ,also, if we get them upset, no one knows what they will do.
     What can they do?  Well, to fear them is probably a good thing. To be paralized with so much fear that, little children can not be exposed to a wonderful and optimistic speech about school by the president of the United States....  yes, their president.. well that is going to far.
     I get the feeling of a grey storm decending... and it feels like a chilly 1930's degrees 'round parts of America.
     The teachers were frightened by the postings of the tea parties statement that the presidents speech, last year, had something which had them in a dither....   what was it????  I dont think anyone knows, it was just   DAH du.. The dreaded 'something'  So teachers get your act together and dont allow the children to see this black man (who does he think he is to be the president of America, the audacity........ Although he did get 98 percent, again, 98% of the vote, which sort of pushed him to be the president of these here United States...  you know the guy who,  well, he wasnt born here,  and ,uh, yeah thats right, hes a muslim and prays 12 times a day...  its out there someone saw this....)       Yes there was something controversial in the speech, okay,  what the heck is it??  No one is talking. 
     Anyway the children were given opt out notices to bring home to their parents so they could opt out of the presidents speech 'in case', there was something controversial in this one too.  But this one turned out to be a beautiful speech, optimistic, uplifting, speaking to kids about how important school is.  How important it was to learn...     LEARN, ah HA!!!!! there it is. That word, learn... bad.  it is bad to learn, and find out the truth. Science is bad, Math is bad, Research is bad.... and apparantly listening to the president speek to the country about knowledge, well, that is the worst.  They dont want their children to gear up to learn. No knowledge here, lets throw out the physics classes, all science, and math, gone... fill it with

creationism    101  5,000 credits
Evangelicism  201   7000 credits
Televangelism  320  10,000 credits
How to speak on behalf of God  403   50,000 credits...  graduate and you win?

This reminds me of the way communities began to be frightened of a little party, who , also made a big hub bub when people went on and did what they liked instead of what the party liked.  They were called,  what was it.... the brown shirts, the deaths head....  AHHHHH yes, it was the nazi party..  no one ever wanted to get their knickers in an uproar.....   no one had to, they had already picked their demon....
     So has the tea party. It seems to be America.  

I hope and pray Americans do not become parilized to the point of robotic actions at the voting stations....  more than that, i pray, everyone will be able to vote...  what year is this...  is it 1960 yet?..  yeah, we have to put a photo of ourselves now and pay for the right to vote.....   wait.   I..I thought it was going to be 2012...  like a time machine...    that is what is going on.  it is as if we are in a nightmare and can not wake up...   but this is real..    Dont turn into a robot...  THINK.. think for yourself, if you still can,   dont let 'these people', turn this country into something that is now coming to you from the wild west.... horses and buggies, shoot outs in the streets, home schooling, and Christian get togethers....    no science please, and dont bother us with the truth, we know the truth...  WE MADE IT UP.

Thank you for reading my Blurb of the day.


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