Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When Pogroms End, there will be Peace. But When Will They Ever End ?

     The custom in Arab countries, most of which surround Israel and spin out as a mini solar system, is, to say, "Zionism is responsible for all of the hatred, the wars,the grief. But this region's anti-semitism would have developed without the Israeli state being close by. Arab and Islamic nationalism took care of that by watering,feeding,nurturing, xenophobia.
    Each time an Arab country broke free of their own binding chains,giving them control over their own destiny,they set up a pogrom,lying in wait for unsuspecting Jews, who had fought and died equally with their Arab brothers,just as they had with their  countrymen for the country they loved as well,Germany, in the Great War... WW1.  Now their Arab countrymen were kicked out of their society like so much garbage.
     The great Arab states, egypt,syria,lybia,Morocco and Jordan, refuse to integrate (Palestinians) into their own lands, this way the hopes of keeping seething pots of hatred and conflict alive between the palestinians, who are basically arabs from those very lands,and the Israelis,   or why not lets just call a spade a spade, between Palestinians and Jews.
     Jews, when forced from their own lands, which were Arab at this point, went to Israel and France, becoming citizens of their chosen countries. Palestinians were ostracized from even their Arab nationality.  Pitifull way to treat ones own.
     These following facts ,as well as many others have been OBSCURED and serves in the Campaign to DELIGITIMIZE Israel.
     SO.  I now will put ALL of the ingredients togeter to show those of you out there, how terribly hard this 'stew' is to make, and how easily it can be taken fom the stove and spilled on the ground.  Forever gone.

Keep an eye out for dates and countries. I made the mistake of not watching for countries.  I assumed, never a good thing to do, the early dates, were in nazi germany.  The latest dates were truly shocking.
      So it wasn't always the big bad wolf starting trouble in the neighborhood....
                      When Jews had Communities in these Arab countries.:

1929-Egypt- discrimination of Jews in public service

1932-Iraq- Jewish history and Hebraic language instruction was prohibited.      
Jewish schools were censored.

1945-48-Egypt Jews were excluded from public life.---Schools were to be Egyptianized and have an Arabized curricula.
---Community organizations were forced to submit member lists to the Egyptian state.
                          SOUND FAMILIAR YET ?

1947-Syria- Jews were no longer able to purchase real estate.

1950-Morocco- Arabization of public services begins.

1950-51-53-56-58- Egypt-Nationality laws are passed.  Egyptian Jews became stateless in their own country. 40,000 people (Jews) foriegners in their own home.

1958-Egypt- The list of laws against the Jews lives on  and on. They are always,quickly eliminated from the social communities. It isnt as if no will remember they were there.  No one wanted Jews in their midst.  
Rules then were passed, no postal communication, and difficulty in getting a passport, essentially turned all Jews in Egypt into de facto prisoners.

     My question.....Why keep the Jews, they would have been happy to leave?

                    Suddenly now, in Egypt, all Jews were suspected of Dual Loyalty----Then- All Jews were zionists!! There was legal descrimination, and Arabic became the sole language.  
                                     End of Part One

Wait until you read about the childrens school text books.....It's a real killer!!

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