Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Lebensborns Part Two

       Between 1940-44, deliveries hovered at 500 babies per year.
     The Lebensborns were also used by women from occupied France, Belgium and Holland, to have their SS boyfriends' babies and then hand them to the SS.
Inmates were asked to clean their own rooms .This caused a great deal of satisfaction among wives of SS senior officers, police or the party. They had resented greatly, the presence of girls, or women whose social levels were, THEY felt, below their own. Many gave birth, and left during that night or the next day, if only to conceal their identity.
Subjects of cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, many reports, orders and instructions give clear ideas of the states existing in this or that home at a particular time. The total chaos prevailed in homes in which future elite, New Black Order of the SS were born.  It seems among bits of information ,was told, *there were pieces  of wire or nails in the broth for the babies..
*Chamber pots filled to overflowing, not emptied for days or weeks.
*infants kicked by nurses while seated on the pots.
*Indiscipline was mentioned over and again.
*Complaints by women to whom the wrong baby had been returned by mistake.

An unexpected visit by Himmler in 1941, to one of the homes near Berlin, made a very bad impression. Disorder, neglect and total indiscipline. The mothers, forthwith were to be trained in tidiness. Cases of severe indiscipline by mothers are to be punished by immediate dismissal. 
Visits by men were to be forbidden in future. No possibility of intimacy would be tolerated.
The Reichsfuhrer SS is going to have artistic statues representing a mother and child, placed in appropriate situations, outside each home to indicate the nature of the place. A statue of a mother feeding her child was set up8in an appropriate spot immediately.
Women who worked outside, picked up infections which spread to the entire home. After a while, the women were forbidden to go out.If a woman had to go out with her child for any reason, they were both put in quarantine for a week after their return home.
Two different expectant mothers, children fathered by the same father, were in the same home .This was very bad, and must not happen again.
A proffessional midwife was now expecting her third child.
to be cont.,

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