Monday, July 18, 2011

Seething Hatred of Liberal Ideas

I don't understand the Republican and The Teaparty's apparent hatred of liberal ideas.
Liberal ideas come from the bible. I am not a christian, however,wasn't Jesus one who preached 'one should take care of another.' 
'share what you have'
'help the blind, the hungry, in other words,the disabled. 
So why are the teapartyer's so against the government helping the poor,or the disabled. The veterans who come back from wars,when they are hurt,and end up on disability ,helped by the government.
If not social security,food stamps and medicaid, then who is expected to help the disabled? Not the Tea party. Republicans want no part of it. The liberal ideas of the Democratic party have made so many things possible. First off, social security. I don't see the TP or the Republicans giving up their social security benefits,which they so disdain. If we were all able to give ourselves tremendous yearly raises,and had the health care these politicians have, no one would be in need of government benefits...
Most of the TP's and Republicans ARE christian, or so they call themselves. They don't practice what they preach when it comes to giving, or sharing.
They don't want to enforce big companies to pay the taxes they owe. Nor do they want the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.Oil companies get benefits, Mcdonalds gets benefits. In fact, the wealthy enjoy lower taxes, loop holes, and tax breaks, as it is believed they will somehow be giving jobs to us lower bracket income slobs.  As everyone is told by them,  americans who don't make money, or those on government benefits, are lazy, and just do not wish to work. Not true, this is just, not true.
The wealthy live in a different world than the rest of us. The more money they make, the less they want to give.  I aknowledge those who do give. Bill Gates, as well as other celebrities . And still, most of them give to those disadvantaged in other countries.
A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement asking for help for hungry children in America. This shocked me, as it was something I had never seen. Why should there be hungry children here, when there are those, so wealthy they eat and throw out their food. Have parties on yachts, or fly in the food they want ,or fly out to a restaraunt in another country.
Does no one see the priorities that are completely upside down?
And ,so , again, I ask, as I truly do not understand this seething hatred of liberal ideologies.   Why? Where does the hatred come from. nobles ablege certainly no longer exists,anywhere.

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