Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lebensborns Part one

When people think of the Holocaust,that first thought is the six million Jews which perished in the death camps. This was, undoubtedly, one of the most well known crimes of the Third Reich. But only one of their dastardly deeds.
    What one must know when it comes to Hitler and the nazis is,  nothing, nothing, anyone could think of, was  'over the top' for them.
At certain times while writing my book,after many parts,I started thinking to myself, "wow, is this ,maybe, to much?, maybe over the top?"  What I learned,and the answer to my question is this: no. There was nothing,  'over the top', as far as the nazi reich was concerned. They had done everything. And certainly, were it not done as of yet, did not mean it had not been thought about,and tried.
     The Reich had plans until  the 1980's. Bringing  pure Nordic blood from around the globe, into Germany , was one of their most immediate and far reaching plans.
     Lebensborn, might have been a one sentence blurb in a history book, if at all. Through my studies of the history of the Third Reich, I have come across so many subjects that have made my head spin. One of those was the subject of the lebensborns.
     These,which translate literally to, fountains of life, were institutions for the breeding of a Nordic super race aided with carefully selected men and women according to the racial principles of the Third Reich. The institutions were created by Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS.
     One day In 1971,while trying to track down some of the children and their origin of birth,as well as their biological parents, a shocking discovery was made. Beside the fact that the were abouts of these children was unknown, it was as if they had never existed,  vanished into thin air.
These 'homes', were much more than a provision  for special maternity homes turning out Nordics. Some thing much more nefarious was going on. Germans had kidnapped hundreds of thousands of ''racially valuable' children from all over Europe. Taken them from their loving families to Germanize them. This was one of the ways to help the new super race to multiply. Poles, Czechs, Yugoslavs ,French, Belgian, Holland, Russian children, and more, were taken by the SS for selection, and Germanization, at some point to be adopted, no matter what age,some infants, some as old as sixteen, by fervent Aryan, Nazi families, many were  SS families.  200000 children were taken from Poland alone.
     The careers of the SS men who participated in this abomination were only able to be studied until the year 1945. The privacy of former SS members, including war criminals, was protected by law. The same woman who had brought this to light, had, in 1955, come across a press piece on a nurse, name of Paula was mentioned.  She had worked in a Lebensborn at Steinhoring, near Munich.  It had been turned into a home for  handicapped children after the war and one particular nurse had continued working there.  This had been the only lead the investigators had.

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