Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let Us Pray

    Christian Conservatives, Right wing, Tea Party Politics has taken our country to a new low. One which we, in the united states have never seen before.
    For their own selfish reasons, they took the entire peoples of this country, hostage, and let it be known, they didn't care if our entire ship keeled over and sunk.
     I always thought, and have said this before, christian values are ones of love and understanding. And the fact of this matter is the tea partyers are using the word 'Christian", to hold fast to the christian just using the word 'christian, REALLY?
     Do the Tea Party politicians think their constituency is this blind, or stupid?
     They have shown what they are willing to do to get their way every time. 75,000 construction and FAA workers are losing their jobs, while at least one candidate, cant remember his name...  umm,  Mitt Romney, ahh yes, sits back in his ten million dollar mansion of ten thousand feet, a spectacular lake in his
'back yard', and hasn't said peep for weeks.
     While those people are losing their jobs, a company was formed, giving Mitt Romney, one million dollars, and then Poof, the company was dissolved. This company was put together for the sole reason of giving Romney one million dollars.  Isn't there something wrong there?   I certainly am not the only one to see past what this party has in mind.
     My feeling is this party wants to take over the country and bring it back to when the English first landed at Plymouth rock.
     Let us not as well, forget the Koch brothers, who gave money to ALL the political Tea's. We can't assume they are not still in the picture.
     I would love to see a gritty journalist get to the bottom of the real causes, and how this party came into being. It doesn't feel right, just doesn't fit in this country.
     Again, and it has been proven over and over, they have brought up Mr. Obama's religion. He is American, and that should be enough. But, even this seems to be up in the air..
     I call in the name of everything that is good in this country, for someone to investigate what in the world is going on.
    The tea party Ideologies and politics are as far left, as the Nazi party was right.

and that is my blurb for today.
thank you

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