Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ahh, Years Past

     With the ceiling of debt falling from the sky, the down rating of the U.S. credit rating, and the chance of the dismantling of Social Security, I thought I would just take a quick look at way back when..  So I am going to enter the way back machine that was a mainstay of the Bullwinkle and Rocky show.
     I know, I know. Most of you will say ,oh gosh, here we go back to the boring 'old days'.  But those 'boring', days ,as some may say, were really not so boring at all.
     I never remember being bored as a youngster. There was a great creativity in the air then. We made up our own games. I would ride my blue two wheel bicycle, make believe it was a car, or even a horse. We did some roller skating, in the road, or on the pavement. They were the four wheel type skates with a skate key, which I wore around my neck, as did most kids then.
    Then.  What a word.  It is a beautiful word when I think back. There was no debt ceiling. Veterans didn't have to worry whether their pay would come, and the men stationed in other countries, also, did not have the bother of worry for their family and whether they were looked after.
   Veterans came back from overseas and were guaranteed schooling and help to get their first home.  What beats that?
   Today, they are lucky if they get paid. Can you imagine yourself, fighting in the hellish Afghanistan or Iraq, and getting news that you will get paid eventually. "For now ,my dear sons, and daughters of the fighting forces, you are promised and IOU.  Because of the stalemate of the Republican party, which has turned so far to the right, they are making a circle.  Thank you Tea Party Pols.
   Back to 'back then'.  There was kite flying for hours. Walking to the stores with friends. Reading, Barbies, boardgames(I always had to let my sister win, or she would puff up and get angry, and blow, baby, blow). I would go to my next door friend, we would have 'Ragu and Noodles', in the jar, and have a blast. I remember his mother. She had the mushiest, smoothest arms.  A small voice, a quick smile, blond bubble hair, with a little felt bow stuck on the top of her hair.
   Then there was my girl friend down the street, and another across the street.
   My point being; we took advantage of the fresh air, we walked in the rain, ran on the grass, me always barefoot.  We NEVER holed ourselves up, inside the house for hours, and days, playing games where we were to murder people to win a game.  Over and over for hours, murdering people, shooting, being shot at.  What does that teach.  It is fun, but then becomes a bore to see people blown to bits, blood and guts flying every where on the screen.
   I would rather have back then again. when I sat with my dad at night on the font porch, watching the sky, looking at the stars and talking ,about the universe, and gravity, until it was very late, and I had learned something new, always did from dad. 
   I went to sleep knowing, I had spent fun time with my friends outside, had intricate conversations with my father, and quality time with him. 
   So, when it is four o clock in the morning THESE days, and you've just got thru blowing up the world, dad and mom are probably asleep.  What is the reward ?  Congratulations, you blew up a virtual world..  hallelujah, and good for you.  Sleep well. 

And that is my blurb for today
take it for what it is worth.


Thank you for reading.                                                                              

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