Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can't Sleep, Why?

    (Yawn...Stretch), Good Morning everyone.
 Just cant sleep.  I have been up for hours listening to the radio. I listen to...NPR. Granted, any overload of news is lethal, but, (com se com sa)?, this is me. I need, NEED, to know what is going on.  Not only here in our good old USA, but all over the world, so , you could say, I take the world on my shoulders. It is usually not easy. These days it is just plain murder!
     How did the US get into this position?  The Tea Party is a brick wall. It reminds me of the movie, 'Village of The Damed'. The children, all blond haired and blue eyed, which almost takes me to another subject, however, in the movie we never do find out where these children come from, but they can read minds. They come to earth and are somehow implanted into the wombs of the wives of the most intelligent men in the town, scientists, professors and the like. The most intelligent of them all figures out what is happening when he children are about seven years old, and decides he must plan to murder them all for they are on earth to destroy humans.  To make sure his child does not read his mind, he believes what he must do is think of nothing but 'a brick wall'. He does this. We can see the child is beginning to understand the real motive behind his fathers 'wall', and as we watch the wall begins to crumble, however the strength of the father is greater than the will of the boy. Anyway, the bottom line is, all the children are gathered together inside a house, which is doused in gasoline, and set afire.
     As I said, I believe the Tea Party is a brick wall. Here I have to take a second to just laugh, just for this second....okay. Now, I , of course am not saying Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Eric Kantor, or any of the tea party politicos are demons from outer space, take that as you wish, I do feel a certain feeling of 'creepiness' when they begin their tirades of:
Get rid of Government subsidies, especially when, at the least,some, are on government subsidies. Rick Perry receives government money for not farming on his farm land. 75,000 dollars a year. Not chicken feed, and alot more than most of us make in a year.
Put a hold on, or change Medicare,Medicaid,Social Security...I am not blind,and I see some cuts may have to come, not happy, but.... It does bother me,though that the ones who are deciding these cuts for 'we the people', have healthcare, as well as who knows how many benefits for the rest of their lives only because they sit in a seat, which contains a ceiling with a dome atop it.
     There are at least fourty million seniors in this country. I suppose this ranges from the age of fifty five to infinity...this is what I ask----"Where is the outrage , where are the protests?. It is so quite on the protest front ,one can hear a pin drop. It almost seems to quite, as if we are afraid, as a people, to get out and protest.
     I am not talking about the craziness in London, or the uprisings in the middle east. Protests..we ARE allowed to protest, freedom of speech, remember? one of our unaliable rights?   Hello out there.......I only hear an echo. A commercial on TV with a big man, arms crossed, says, "there are fourty million of us".   Just doesn't seem to be getting the message across.
     Beside the seniors, stand the college students, or those who strive to go to college and cannot afford it. Most try for student loans, Pell Grants (government subsidized).  College has gotten to the point where it is just about untouchable.
     Now ,I come to favorite, as well as most disliked (go figure) subject. The bringing of religion into politics, and science.
     Don't you absolutely detest when someone else tells what you should think?.. When someone tells me the world is only six thousand years old,I can't help say to myself, "Uh oh, ", or, "oh no", with a nasally inside voice.  They seem so positive.  Going on, we are told the dinosaurs lived at the same time as man. "What about the fossils, and the dating that tells us the dinos are millions of years old?"   The answer to this is...."Junk science"...     "What about global warming, climate change, and the storms and drought is so different, anyone with EYES can see this happening......"Nope, it's the natural cycle of the always warms and cools."         That IS true, but not to this degree.
     To me, Christianity is a beautiful faith.  When it is truly Christ full.
     The Christian Right, Evangelicals are a completely different animal. There are no Christian values here.  I ALWAYS say that Christianity is the embodiment of love and tolerance. Where is love OR tolerance in the Tea Party? They tolerate no one who has a different way of thinking. They have an absolute abhorrent toward:
Blacks, (Michele Bachmann has already stated that she thought slavery was good for African Americans)
Barak Obama
The governments of other countries, mainly in Europe.
Anyone who thinks differently from themselves
Sharia law....  really? sharia law...coming to a town near you!

     Michele Bachmann is running as a Christian candidate. What Political party does that put her in?  Well , she is a Tea Party member, most of the Tea Party, hard right, are Christian Conservatives.
     Remembering back to the late 1980's early 90's, I remember watching the Seven Hundred club hosted by Pat Robertson. He also ran.  I distinctly remember how he urged, not only money, but for Christians to run for political offices. He built his university, and law school, and then there were a plethora of Christian Evangelicals opening up Universities. Jerry Falwell, of course the Bob Jones college here in the carolinas.  There are so many now, it really is hard to remember them all.  From them popped lawyers trying to rid us of the absolutely dammed to hell, as they would call it, Planned parenthood clinics, where woman who have little money can get ,pap smears, breast checkups for cancer, and yes, they do preform abortions, if you are under three months gestation.  The thought that there are men in certain states that have the audacity to reach into a woman's uterus, and determine, life starts as soon as the egg meets the sperm, just doesn't ring as something that is RIGHT, or FAIR, it is SEXIST.  The states are making up their own minds on this issue.  Why?, and more importantly, how?  Abortion, the last time I checked, is legal in this country. The closing of Planned Parenthood clinics is directly related to the Christian right.
     A few weeks ago, I had the fabulous pleasure of hearing the interview on NPR of a Christian Conservative woman expounding the virtue of the wonderfulness of  even the thought of closing down planned parenthood, as they take too much money from the government to the operation known as abortion. In fact, one percent goes to PP, as she also had a problem, as do other Republicans, and Christian Conservatives, with Public Radio. Angered she told the interviewer "just too much money goes to public radio."   One percent of government funding went to public radio, the rest is funded by public donations, private, as well as many businesses, the gates foundation, etc.   So I guess the one percent from PP and Public Radio just didn't do the trick for the economy.  But somewhere out there is a young woman who cannot get a checkup for cancer, or a checkup for a pregnancy for the baby she dearly wants, because she is poor, and always went to PLandparenthood, but thanks to a senator she may or may not have voted for, there is no where for her to go, as planned parenthood clinics have been banned in her state....
Thank You,   dear loving Christian Conservatives..........  Should I  now say, long live the tea party.......

Vote in the next election people....   the nuts have to go, it is coming toward fall, and the squirrels are hungry....FEEEED them.

Thank You for reading
This is my blurb for the day...  long blurb..

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