Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Self-Esteem if You Dress Like Your Teen.

     While reading the news at the CNN site, I came across an article which peeked my interest. The title was 'Why Are Moms Dressing Like Their Teen Daughters?'
     Roni Cohen-Sandler, a psychologist, specializes in relationships between mothers and their daughters.
     Her interpretation of moms dressing younger warns ''compitition could be in the works. Hmmm, maybe, sometimes, which in that case there is something going on between mother and daughter that has much more to do with clothing.

            Now I Come To The Point Which Drove Me A Little Over The EDGE!!

     Sandler believes teen girls get a message, in which their mother feels insecure, and upset at the thought that she is aging.
     It was an odd thing to read. If ,when I was a teen and my mom looked good in hip stuff, i would feel proud, and think, man my mom really thinks she is something.  Why does everything have to be a rivalry?
     One Mom interviewed felt badly being 30 in the junior dept. 30? this woman is a baby compared to me...i would give, mayyyybe a pinkie finger for 30!!!!
     Seriously though, I am so comfortable in my own skin these days, my brain gives me my age, not my face, or my darn aching back.

     Ms. Christina McMenemy has two youngsters.  After losing 80 lbs. she wanted to show off a bit.  Losing 80 lbs., gets, from me, 20 kudos.  My sister lost 100 lbs. So yes, fabulous job.!!!!
     McMenemy said she now wanted to 'enjoy her body.'
     Then, BANG!!, in a spectacular paragraph she then says this:

     "Society puts mothers at a crossroads. You can be the good frumpy mom who cares more about her kids than what she should be wearing, or, OR the mom WHO IS MORE FASHIONABLE AND THEREFORE MUST BE MORE INTO HER NEEDS THAN HER CHILDREN!!!
     What a stunning remark! So, the well cared for, fashion forward mom, is selfish and doesn't care about her kids?  What the hell?

     I won't be frumpy until I die and they put me in a body bag.!

     I quess we can now tell, definitively, who the good moms are, and who those bad, selfish mothers who care nothing for their children, only their own selves and their fashions.  Bad mothers who want to look good! How DARE they!

     God help us!

     No, I don't want to mimic a teenager.  As a woman, an older woman, I revel in the fact that I still wear my trademark Bohemian style. I just love it and always will. Why should I give up wearing clothing which has always made me feel good , because of a number.  I have another of those numbers coming around again, and soon.  I don't care.
     I wouldn't change it for a frumpy look.  Even though my clothing are not frumpy, I DO love and care for my daughter more than my life, regardless of a silly piece of cloth.

     The Doctor's study, in my opinion, puts the subject under a microscope.

     I don't think it needs this much scrutiny.

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