Sunday, August 14, 2011

A CERTAIN STINK: A New & Virulent Anti-Semitism

     A growing, global Anti-Semitism seems, unbelievably, to be wielding tentacles around Europe once again.
     There have been some extremely bothersome, frightening really, events going on in Europe which has not been getting any air time at all on U.S. news reports.

---A court in Lithuania has declared the SWASTIKA to be a national symbol. This is the most outrageous, and egregious step taken since Hitler came to power.
     Jewish partisans, who fought the nazis during the war in Lithuania are themselves, going to trial as war criminals!
     This is surreal. I hadn't thought only sixty years of res pit  was all we were due, especially after the holocaust.
     The sweet syrup pours thickly from Denis McShanes pen, as he writes in the JPost, "of course there are many decent politicians in Baltic states who want to....WANT TO (Then why don't they?) condemn soviet crimes without condoning anti-Jewish acts--(huh-what? I thought I had read that wrong as well), how could any anti-Jewish acts be condoned? What makes an anti-Jewish act right? when Jews were fighting for their lives???
     8 EU Ambassadors recently wrote a letter to the Lithuanian government over the attacks on Jewishness in the country.  When the government read the letter, the EU complained of a problem with one of their member states. (What problem could take precedence over this????)
     Then? Then it was all forgotten. A rotten nightmare all to real for the Jews of Europe.

     There is a NEW type of holocaust denial. Double-Genocide revisionism.  Not an out and out denial, but it is a theory advancing across Eastern and Baltic Europe.  It consists of this argument; Hitler was no different from the murderous Stalin.  Both intended mass starvation as there were in the Ukraine, especially in the 1930's---and both countries had mass deportations and murder of Baltic peoples which were the same as the holocaust in scope of lives. That is the new revised theory.

     There Is One Very Big Difference, and it is a blaring one.  One now must take into account the logistical, industrial, and technological way Jews were,(and most were Jews) transported from all corners of Europe to Death Camps  for instant and deceptive gassing. Gassing with xyklon B, an insecticide to be used for insects, My God, Because of a sick minds anti-Jewish ideology.

     In Latvia, where my grandfather was born, now in this here and now, the Waffen SS Latvian division is given an annual commemoration.  This particular division took part in many of the atrocities against the Jews.  For what reason is this division commemorated.  I wonder.

     Right now, in Hungary, an openly anti-Jewish political party, Jobbik party, is getting the votes.  People don't feel odd or badly voting for anti-semetic policies.

     Nick Griffen, a British member of European Parliament and notorious holocaust denier, in a by-election in March, won more votes than the main stream Liberal Democrats.

     I don't know, my feelings go from being sick to scared, I do know one thing, may sound silly to you, but I am not going down without taking one or two of those bastards with me.

     My dad fought the Germans, The nazis----the haters, he lost a part of his leg, and rib cage over there. Surely many of you have dads or grand dads, moms, or grand moms fighting this deadly menace all over Europe and it begins again???   How did it start? why?

     Because of the hatred, a hatred for Jews, almost bringing Hitler to our shores for blood lust. Not until all Jews were dead, maybe he would have stopped, but don't kid yourself.  If not for the allies, the western world, the civilized world fighting against hatred, those haters would have murdered all the polish, slavs,gypsies, blacks, arabs,Czechs, french, Spaniards, anyone who did not think the same as the haters, would have been dead.

     Does anyone in their right mind want to live with the hatred and bloody murder of these people again?

This was my blurb for the day.   It was a hard blog to write.

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    Hi, Debra, I have been living for 15 years in Germany, if you really want to know waht stinks in this old continent,visit my blog. i am deeply sorry about your dad and for so many young Americans who died for freedom, democracy and the American I from the Boston Trnacendetalism, for instance. Ok, i have my Phd on Philosophy from the Germans, but they cannot stop their own Fall. i have bee grown in Sao Paulo between survivors, the most jews from East Poland. Best Wishes and God bless America!


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